The Greatest Spectacle in Dog Walking

April 27, 2019 | Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Top Dog

Want To Be The 2020 Top Dog?

Our Top Dog is the face of Mutt Strut, determined by the top fundraiser each year. The top fundraiser’s dog – the new Top Dog – is given special recognition in Mutt Strut and IndyHumane collateral, and becomes the “ambassa-dog” for the following year’s Mutt Strut. Your dog will be featured on posters, ads, and all manner of Mutt Strut promotions! This is your dog’s chance to be famous.

Meet the 2018-2019 Top Dogs, Indy & Toto!


Top Dog fundraisers are just normal registrants with a unique energy for IndyHumane — if that sounds like you, you’re already entered! You’ll simply register as a participant (either as an individual or as part of a Team), and get to work fundraising. Once you’ve raised $5,000 for IndyHumane, you’ll receive an email with more information about continuing in the program.


Mutt Strut is IndyHumane’s largest annual fundraiser. As a wholly independent organization, we rely completely on the generosity of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers to maintain our life-saving operation here in Indianapolis, and to continue to serve as the voice against animal cruelty and neglect in Central Indiana. Without efforts like yours and like Top Dogs before you, we couldn’t do what we do and have the impact we have, so we hope the emotional rewards are enough to get you started.

That said, we try to keep the deal pretty sweet for you and your pet, too.

First, your pooch becomes the face of Mutt Strut 2021. As our Mutt Strut Ambassa-dog, you and your canine companion will get to appear as the 2021 Grand Marshals in opening ceremonies.

Staff from IndyHumane will also present your pooch with a Top Dog Trophy!

There are some additional perks you’ll receive as Top Dog:

  • An exclusive professional photoshoot for you and your dog
  • A one-year membership to the IndyHumane Bark Park
  • A one-year kennel sponsorship for you, your pet, your family, or whomever you’d like to dedicate your kennel


No catches. But we do have a few rules: First, only one entry per Mutt Strut registrant. Each contest participant must be a Mutt Strut registrant, and dogs are the only animals eligible for the contest. The fundraising deadline to be eligible for Top Dog is Wednesday, April 24th, at noon. Any fundraising after that time continues to benefit the programs at IndyHumane, but does not qualify toward Top Dog eligibility.

Only confirmed (actual cash and checks received) donations will count towards the fundraising total at the deadline.

Only an individual’s fundraising is eligible to win Top Dog. This means that if you are fundraising as part of a Team, your individual fundraising contribution for that Team is what determines your chances at being the Top Dog.

In the event of an exact tie, IndyHumane reserves the right to final selection of the Top Dog. Previous Top Dogs are not eligible to win again.

Top Team fundraising will continue until Friday, April 26th, at midnight. Again, cash and check donations must be confirmed and processed prior to this deadline.


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