What:Mutt Strut 2015 When: Saturday, April 25th Where: Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Thank you!

We appreciate your support of the Humane Society of Indianapolis (IndyHumane). Each year, we care for more than 7,000 animals. Currently, each animal that enters our facility receives an average of $700 of care to get them adoption-ready. Every dollar you donate makes a difference to the lives of animals in the greater-Indianapolis area. Your donations can help do the following:

How can I support?

If you’d like to participate Mutt Strut without getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning, we can help! Join our Drowsy Dog and Cat Nap Club and you can ignore the alarm clock the day of Mutt Strut. If you’d like to donate in other ways, click “Support the Cause” in the menu on the right side of the screen.


If you’d prefer to mail your donation, please print this form and mail it to the address shown at the bottom of the form.