The Greatest Spectacle in Dog Walking

April 28, 2018 | Indianapolis Motor Speedway



Mutt Strut Raises Funds To Support IndyHumane

Your fundraising saves lives! The funds raised by Mutt Strut participants help us to take in animals, provide medical care, and find cats and dogs their forever homes.

IndyHumane serves approximately 10,000 animals every year, from adoption services to low-cost vaccinations to life-saving surgeries. Each animal taken in by our shelter requires an average of $800 of care. All animals are given a thorough medical exam, spayed or neutered as necessary, microchipped, and temperament-tested to make sure they are physically and mentally ready to be adopted. We are the only shelter in the state with a fully staffed medical team and surgery suite, allowing us to care for animals who come to our shelter, as well as animals who need help from other shelters and rescue groups. We believe every animal’s life is worth saving, and any funds that you raise DO make a difference!

Your fundraising is our primary source of funding: We are a private, nonprofit organization that receives no public or private government funding. We receive no tax money, United Way funds, or regular contributions from national animal-welfare organizations, meaning we rely completely on local support for our daily operations. We are so appreciative that you’re involved – and our animals are, too!

The best part? Fundraising is easy!

It’s easier than you may think. Many of the people you see and talk to on a regular basis will be happy to help if they know you are fundraising. All it takes is a second to ask!

We make it easy for your supporters to donate online through your individual registration page. Once you are registered, you will have your own personal page from which you can send emails telling friends and family about Mutt Strut and asking for their support. Friends prefer to write a check or give you cash? Use this paper donation form or personal donation tracker to collect “offline” donations, then follow the mailing instructions on the form!

Fundraising Ideas

In addition to being a day of fun for you and your furry friends, Mutt Strut is also IndyHumane’s largest fundraising event of the year – and we need your help! You’ve made the commitment to help the animals at the shelter by walking at Mutt Strut; ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives to help out, too.

Here are some fun ways to get started:

  • Set out an IndyHumane donation box at your desk.
    Drop in your spare change (it adds up quickly!) or ask friends and coworkers to donate theirs! Contact us if you’d like to use a donation box for your fundraising efforts, and we’ll get you started.
  • Sell a fundraising Paw Print for $1 or more each.

    Donors can write their name in the space provided to show their support of Mutt Strut and IndyHumane! Hang them around your office, school, or business to thank everyone for their support! Contact us if you’d like to use these for your fundraising efforts.
  • Ask your company if you can have a jeans day, a bake sale, or a chili cook-off with your co-workers; jeans day can be a $5 donation per person…it will add up quickly!
  • Use your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and more) to let all your contacts know you are fundraising for Mutt Strut, and give them a direct link to offer financial support in your name.
  • Enter the Top Dog contest, and your dog could be the Mutt Strut 2018 Ambassa-dog! After you register for the event, log in to the participant center to upload a photo of your dog and ask all your friends and family to support your adorable dog.
  • Do some spring cleaning! Host a garage sale, post on eBay or Craigslist, and put the cash in your Mutt Strut fund.
  • Check with your employer’s HR representative to see if your company offers matching gift funds to double your donation, or if you can make a quick pitch at your next meeting.
  • Once you register, use the email function within the participant center to ask family and friends for their support.
  • Download our offline donation tracking form and carry it with you– you never know who you might see throughout your day! An offline donation tracking form is also available for you to print out here.
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